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December 2013

This is my first entry on my new Website! I still have lots to add and tweak on it but I am hoping that this you will enjoy my updates in a new format and I look forward to any feedback or comments.

This past month has been busy with accomplishing a few more steps in establishing my ministry in America. Thank you so much to everyone who have been so patient and such a massive blessing in praying with me through this process. Your support has been overwhelming.

The temperature has been dropping here in London but it hasn't been slowing us down in ramping up for Christmas. Our Kids and Youth are preparing for our Christmas program on December 15 with play, band and choir practices.

As a church, we have also been asked to take part in a Christmas service in a nearby mall in the community on December 14th. In the past, we have taken part in small services in this mall around Easter but this year we were really excited to actually be asked by the Counsel to do a service for Christmas!

The mentoring and small groups that I oversee are coming to an end for the Christmas season but I happy to say that I have seen such growth over the past few months in our teens and adults attending these groups. It's also been exciting to see some of them come into a relationship with Christ as their Saviour!

Join with us in praying that during this season we will be able to share the Love of Jesus with many people as they come through our services in the mall and in our church services. Many of the children who attend our church come without their parents. This Christmas play is our way of getting these parents through the door to hear the Gospel. The services in the mall will also be an opportunity to share the Gospel with people from many other religious backgrounds.

Let's remember that Jesus is the reason for the season!



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