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May 2018


This past month has been full of seeing people from many different nations! As I mentioned in my last newsletter, we had our Build conference here in London. This was our biggest Every Nation European conference yet with upwards of 500 people registered (and that's not including those who have registered for the Build conference in Lviv, Ukraine in June!).

These conferences always feel like a huge family reunion as we get to spend time with friends from all across Europe (and beyond!) and make new friends too. It's about much more than friendship though, as we are united by our desire to see lives transformed by the only thing that creates genuine, lasting transformation: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are many great social programmes that do amazing work in improving people's lives and solving problems, but only the Gospel can deal effectively with the ultimate problem- the sin in our own hearts. Thank God for paying the high price of sending His Son Jesus to take the punishment we deserve so that we can be forgiven! This is good news indeed! There were many incredible moments during the conference but one that stood out to me was a quote from Steve Murrell's message: "When you figure out what God called you to do, and you do what God called you to do, and you keep on doing what God called you to do... one day you'll look back and go 'Wow! Look what God did!'" Here is a short RECAP VIDEO of the Conference.

Then on May 2nd we started our 5 day New Decisions Course. This course if for people who find themselves stuck in negative or even destructive habit patterns causing frustration, pain, disappointment or even relational breakdown.

The content is based on Romans 12: 2: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind," and focuses on renewing the mind and applying other principles on how we can identify AND change negative thought patterns in our subconscious and replace them with the truth. We’ve seen over a hundred people in London over the past few years (including myself) attend the course and they have experienced freedom, truth, healing and peace to their lives! This past weekend we had people from Spain, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and England attend the course!

On Tuesday night, I landed in Tampa, Florida and I am here to see and thank as many people as possible who have partnered with me to reach the nations.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and incredible support!

Loads of Love


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