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July Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends

Hello from Marseille, France! I can’t believe that I returned from America less than a month ago. Thank you again to everyone who blessed me so much on my trip. I loved meeting up with old and new friends and sharing what God has been doing here in Europe.

Upon my return, I hit the ground running. I arrived on a Saturday and was serving on our Youth Team the next morning in Slough. I oversee this team but occasionally fill in if we need a volunteer. Please pray for our Slough Youth. 80% of our teens have experienced the loss of a mother over the last 3 years and others have also faced difficulties in their families or at school.

I then spent the next few weeks catching up on admin, training for our Youth Camp, preparing for the mission I am leading to Romania later this year and preparing for our Student Leaders Camp here in Marseille.

Our Student Leaders Camp is a week where our Campus Missionaries and student leaders from across Europe come together for a week of input, ministry and fun! This camp took place last week. This year we had nations representing England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, France, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and Iceland. I did two sessions - Developing Strong Emotional Wellbeing and Tips on One 2 One Mentorship. Here is a video and a few pictures of highlights throughout the week.

I head back to London on Friday so I can participate in our all-day training for Youth Camp. I will not only be a group leader but also the healthcare leader for camp as well as speaking on the final night.

Please continue to pray for my support to increase as I take steps to do more ministry in Europe in this next season. I am trusting for more partners here in the UK and in America. Thank you to everyone who has joined my team so far in praying and supporting me financially!

Also please pray for my schedule in the coming months:

8 July – All Day Youth Camp Training

16 July – Preaching in Slough

31 July – 6 August – Youth Camp

3-7 October – Every Nation World Conference in South Africa

28 October – 4 November – Bucharest, Romania Mission

Sending you loads of love!



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