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About Me

I grew up in Lutz (pronounced Loots), a suburb of Tampa, Florida. Back then it was not very built up and probably considered more countryside than city.  I grew up around farm animals and I loved and still love the outdoors! 


I was a small but tough little girl with a lot of anger and at the age of 13 I was full of problems with a weekly habit of drinking alcohol and was beginning to experiment with drugs. My Uncle and Aunt were pastors and they constantly invited me to church and I loved it and cried every time I was in a service.  One summer at the age of 13, I sat in one of their services and accepted Jesus into my heart and was radically saved. I have not looked back since.  I’ve stumbled along the way but always pushed forward trying to grow in my relationship with Christ.  


At the age of 18 I felt God leading me to go into full time ministry instead of studying at University.  This was a huge step for me but looking back now, I see that God had a totally different course for me to study!


He’s been teaching me along the way by working with many amazing ministries all over the world in countries such as Guatemala, Hong Kong, China, and Spain.  I’ve also had the privilege of doing short term ministry and missions in countries such as Honduras, Mexico, Ireland, Poland, Ukraine, France, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Netherlands and Cyprus.


In 2004 the Lord opened a door for me to come to England to work with an incredible church called Every Nation London.  You can see the World in London – literally!  Every Nation, Every Tribe and Every Language can be seen and heard on a daily basis.  


Please check out my ‘What I do Page’ to find out all of the wonderful things that I get to be a part of in London – What we call the Greatest City in the Word!

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