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What I do 

At the beginning of 2004 I started working as a missionary at Every Nation London   as the Small Groups Pastor at our West Kensington Congregation, training and raising up leaders to lead small groups throughout London.  Part of my role was to mentor anyone from teens, University Students and adults helping them to develop deeper relationships with Christ.  I also helped new people who came to our church to get connected and plugged in.

At the beginning of 2021, I moved to work as the Discipleship Pastor at our Every Nation Slough Church to help them through a transition of leadership as the Senior Pastors moved to plant a church in Cardiff, Wales.  My role continued as it was above as well as working more with our Counter Culture Youth Group.


We have 3 congregations (West Kensington, Mile End, Slough) and I occasionally preach at their Sunday services.  I teach at our Freedom Days as well as at our Follow Course.  For recordings of some of my teaching or preaching please check out my Sermons and Teachings Page.

In October of 2023 my job role changed to work full-time for Every Nation Europe. As well as working with our London congregations, I mentor women across Europe who are leaders in our Every Nation European churches.  I also work with our ENC Europe leadership team to mentor our Campus (University) missionaries across Europe. I am also involved with speaking and helping  at our Every Nation European Campus Events.

Missions in Europe is a huge passion and throughout the year you can find me teaching or preaching on Zoom or on location somewhere in Europe.  I am also working with our Missions Department in taking teams on mission breaking new ground for church plants and campus ministries.



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