Dear Family and Friends

The UK has just passed our one year mark of being hit by Covid -19 and more than one lockdown. It’s so bizarre to think that last year in March I was finishing up a special week away of celebrating my 50th birthday and on our last few days away we were warned of starting our first lockdown. My housemate and I drove around to 5 different shops looking for toilet paper and food because of people panic buying and the shelves all being empty. It’s been a crazy year! Now as we approach April a year later, we are so looking forward to being able to be with people from other households again as things slowly open up over the next few months. Today we are allowed to be with up to 6 people outside.

Our Slough congregation has started going back onsite on Sundays with strict Covid guidelines to keep everyone safe. We are still not able to do kids church or youth in person like we did before but as a whole, people are able to come together in one service which is exciting.

I’ve started meeting with our older female teens which I am really excited about. I will be doing one on one mentorship with some and also meeting some of them in small groups. We are basically starting from scratch with our older teens, so I’m trusting that over the next few months that those who have a relationship with God already will grow deeper in love with Him and those who are still exploring their faith will discover how much He loves them and will want to become Christians.

This past month I also had the opportunity to join in a Live Instagram prayer call with our Every Nation Church in Orlando. It was such a privilege to pray for the UK and Europe with so many others who join into this call every week. Here’s a picture of that call.

I’m not sure if I have shared with you before, that I lead a ladies group for single women across Europe who are working as right hand people for senior pastors of some of our Every Nation Churches. These ladies from Ireland, Belgium, France and here in the UK have been such a blessing to me! Please pray for me as I continue to lead them and also open up more groups for other ladies across Europe.

Last week, I had my first Covid vaccine! I’m grateful for this vaccine because I will be travelling a lot in the future doing missions and I know that it will not only protect me but also give me open doors to countries who will make the vaccine an entry requirement.

Please continue to pray for my transition into the Slough congregation. Coming up in April I will be preaching, doing youth ministry, leadership groups, driving lessons to get my UK drivers license and beginning to look for a place to live in the coming months. Please also pray for my finances. This pandemic has had an impact on many people’s finances as well my monthly support. Please pray that God would add more people to my team to reach the nations and generations here in London and across Europe!

Thank you for all that you do!

Lots of love,


Dear Family and Friends

The month of February was a month of beginning new routines for me. Our Covid restrictions have continued - which I know that for those of us who live in the UK – we are so over it! In the midst of the restrictions though, I have started going into our church office once a week to try to tackle a bunch of administration that needs to be done to make our ministry more effective. This means being back on public transportation which has been a huge adjustment for me since I have not really travelled on a bus or tube since last March. Thankfully because so many people are still working from home, the hour plus journey each way has not been packed with people.

I’ve also started many new monthly meetings with our leadership team, Connect Group Leaders and our youth. On the youth front, I will be helping to build up our youth in the older age group. That starts this month so prayers appreciated!

One event that I was especially excited about being involved in this past month was sharing with the ladies at our outreach group in Cyprus. I love what God is doing there as Cypriots, Greeks, and other nations are being reached already in this small group.

I love that what I get to do here in the UK not only is being involved in a local church, but also I get to minister to people in Europe and beyond on a regular basis. You are a part of everything I do through your prayers and support and I am so grateful for you!

Lots of love,


Dear Family and Friends

I can’t believe that January has already been and gone! What a month it was! I left America in the midst of upheaval and transition and moved into my own transition of coming back to the UK with much stricter Covid rules and starting to work with my new Church at Every Nation Slough. I came back to 2 weeks in quarantine and my housemate who was still recovering from Covid.

Let me introduce to you my new Senior Pastors Greg and Suzanne Albrecht. They are both originally from South Africa and actually met here in London at one of our all night prayer meetings many years ago. I was there when the sparks flew! They started pastoring the Slough congregation shortly after it was planted just over 10 years ago.

Growing the church in Slough has had it’s challenges. It’s a place that in the past, has had a reputation of being rough and industrial, but in the last few years was voted as one of the top 25 places to work and live in. All that said, the church has grown to almost 150 adults and 75 children with nations represented from Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Poland, England , Scotland, Philippines, Japan, Sri Lanka , The Caribbean, America, Egypt, India, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Uganda, New Zealand, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Rwanda, Thailand, Korea, Czech Republic, Burundi, Portugal and Spain. All of this growth in the church has taken place with only Greg working fulltime as Pastor (Suzanne works outside of the church) and Anna their Children’s worker on staff 2 ½ days a week, plus some amazing volunteers!

My job role to start with is to come alongside many of the different areas of ministries in the church and to help them to operate more effectively such as Kids, Youth, Connect Groups and Discipleship. Also, once the world opens up again, I will be getting missions going for Europe! Once I have found my feet, I also hope to be involved in teaching, preaching and worship. For now, building relationships with people in the church is all done by zoom and video calls on our phones which is challenging but working!

Please pray for me and our Slough congregation as we get to know each other. Also, pray for me to have wisdom on how to help the different areas of ministry and to be a blessing to those in the church.

Thank you for being a part of my team! You have no idea what a blessing you are!

Lots of love


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