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Dear Family and Friends

I know you received a newsletter from me a few weeks ago but I wanted to get back on track with sending you one at the beginning of each the month. Last month, I mentioned that I had just go back from our Youth Camps. We do 2 Youth Camps every year. One for 14-18 year olds and one for 11-14 year olds with 40 teens on each camp. These teens come from all walks of life. Some churched and unchurched, some from their own homes and some who are in foster care. Our goal on this camp is to show every teen how much God loves them unconditionally, and to try to get them to take at least one step closer into a relationship with Him. These camps did not disappoint! Even with MANY challenges throughout the week, we still saw God do amazing things in so many of them.

Our key verse for all of our sessions was based on 2 Timothy 1:7 – “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind. ” I spoke at the closing session on camp talking about the power of the Holy Spirit. HERE is our recap video of the camps where you can see me in a few places but especially near the end of the video.

Last month I also mentioned to you about my new job role starting in October to be working fully with Every Nation Europe. Please continue to stand in faith with me about being fully supported by individual partners in the UK, America and other parts of the world. My goal has been to raise another $600/£470 a month before the end of this year.

The last few weeks have been filled with preparing for what’s coming up next! I have 3 more weeks in Slough and my goal is to raise up a few more youth leaders before I leave. Please pray for the right leaders for our teens.

We are also in preparation for our Every Nation London 30 Year Celebration this Saturday. God has done incredible things in our church here in London over the past 30 years. I’ve had the privilege of being here for 20 of those years and I’ve seen nations all over the world being impacted by what He has done here in London and I’m excited about what He is going to do in the years to come.

I’ve also been preparing for a mission to Bucharest, Romania that I will be leading at the end of October. It’s been such a blessing working with our church plant team on the ground there and we are trusting for a fruitful time as we sow into this city.

Thank you so much for all that you do for me to be used to reach the nations in Europe. I am truly grateful! Remember, you have a part in all of this!

Lots of Love


Dear Family and Friends

I wanted to send you a quick update since it is already almost mid-August. I got back from our Youth Camps on Sunday afternoon and I am still recovering physically and from lack of sleep ha ha. I’m not going to say too much about camp right now because I want to wait until I have photos and a recap video to share with you which will be ready soon. We had an amazing time!

Earlier in July I had the privilege of preaching in our Slough congregation for our series on Worship. If you would like to listen to the message you can watch it HERE.

At the beginning of the message, you will hear an exciting announcement that I would like to share with you. About 5 years ago I was feeling like God was moving me into Europe. I wasn’t sure what that looked like and wasn’t sure if it meant that I would leave London and join a church plant somewhere. I kept waiting and praying all the time sensing change. As many of you have noticed, I have been working with leaders more and more throughout Europe, doing more missions and travelling to help our church plants.

2 ½ years ago God spoke to me to move to Slough to help our church here. This was a bit of a shock for me because it was the furthest thing from my mind. About 2 months into that move the Slough Congregation leaders felt called to plant a church in Cardiff, Wales. Looking back now, I can see that this was a “such a time as this” moment. Me being in Slough has helped to support the transition to new leadership and it has allowed me to step into more work in Europe.

The new leaders in Slough are an amazing couple called Jonathan and Sam and they are doing a wonderful job leading Every Nation Slough into a new season. Now that this transition is complete I have felt the release to step into ministry full time for Every Nation Europe.

You might ask what does this mean and what will this look like? First of all, this is a MASSIVE step of faith for me because I will no longer be serving a local church as a “staff member” which means that I lose the financial monthly partnership of the church. Slough has been giving me a monthly donation like you do when you partner with me financially. In October I will start attending the West Kensington congregation again as I did the first 17 years I was here but only as a church member and not a staff member.

I will now be serving Every Nation Europe as a “staff member” but that is by being fully supported by individual partners in the UK, America and other parts of the world. My goal has been to raise another $600/£470 a month before the end of this year. God has been doing amazing things over the last few months in touching peoples hearts to join my team but I am still trusting for more partners.

My new job role will include working with our European Missions Team, helping with any pastoral or discipleship needs across Europe specifically with leaders. Also, one very exciting thing for me is that I will be working with Aoife who I recently shared about a few months ago. Aoife is our European Campus Director and oversees our university campus ministries across Europe. I will be working with her to disciple our campus missionaries in our European churches as well as still being involved in our European Campus events and conferences.

I know this has been a long letter but I wanted to keep you in the loop on what is happening with me because you have a part in everything that I do! You are reaching the nations!

Please continue to pray for me to hit my financial goal by the end of the year and for my health. My breathing has been so much better! I haven’t used an inhaler in months praise God!

Sending you loads of love!


Dear Family and Friends

Hello from Marseille, France! I can’t believe that I returned from America less than a month ago. Thank you again to everyone who blessed me so much on my trip. I loved meeting up with old and new friends and sharing what God has been doing here in Europe.

Upon my return, I hit the ground running. I arrived on a Saturday and was serving on our Youth Team the next morning in Slough. I oversee this team but occasionally fill in if we need a volunteer. Please pray for our Slough Youth. 80% of our teens have experienced the loss of a mother over the last 3 years and others have also faced difficulties in their families or at school.

I then spent the next few weeks catching up on admin, training for our Youth Camp, preparing for the mission I am leading to Romania later this year and preparing for our Student Leaders Camp here in Marseille.

Our Student Leaders Camp is a week where our Campus Missionaries and student leaders from across Europe come together for a week of input, ministry and fun! This camp took place last week. This year we had nations representing England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, France, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and Iceland. I did two sessions - Developing Strong Emotional Wellbeing and Tips on One 2 One Mentorship. Here is a video and a few pictures of highlights throughout the week.

I head back to London on Friday so I can participate in our all-day training for Youth Camp. I will not only be a group leader but also the healthcare leader for camp as well as speaking on the final night.

Please continue to pray for my support to increase as I take steps to do more ministry in Europe in this next season. I am trusting for more partners here in the UK and in America. Thank you to everyone who has joined my team so far in praying and supporting me financially!

Also please pray for my schedule in the coming months:

8 July – All Day Youth Camp Training

16 July – Preaching in Slough

31 July – 6 August – Youth Camp

3-7 October – Every Nation World Conference in South Africa

28 October – 4 November – Bucharest, Romania Mission

Sending you loads of love!


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