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November 2013

Dear Family and friends,

Hello! The last few months have been quite busy and changes have been happening on a weekly basis.

The first change I want to tell you about is that this will be the last newsletter that you will receive in this format. :o) I am working on creating a website so I am hoping to send you the link in the next few days!

The second change is that as some of you know, I am in the process of starting my own ministry in America called Traci Watson Ministries, Inc. After 25 years of being in ministry, I believe it is time. My wonderful home church that has handled my finances for me all these years has been going through many changes (good changes!) and through much prayer I have felt like this is the next step for me.

Here in the UK, I have an amazing ministry called Stewardship that receives my finances. So, for all of you in the UK – you have no need to change anything in the way that you support me. Thank you!!!

But for all of you who pray for me and support me in America, Traci Watson Ministries will now be able to receive and handle my support. I am still in the early stages of setting everything up. So for now, if you would like to send support, please send it to the address below. I will soon be able to receive payments by online banking or Paypal – I will keep you posted when everything is up and running.

As well as the above changes, I have been teaching Bible School on Monday nights and I will be preaching at our Hammersmith Congregation on 17 November. I have also continued to work with our teens as well as beginning to try to stir up a group of College and University Students who live in and around our church. I also attended our European Student Weekend Away this past weekend. It was amazing to be with students from all over Europe hearing some of their testimonies as well as hearing about some of them getting saved on the last day and on the way home back to their countries!!

Please pray for me as I go through the process of starting Traci Watson Ministries and believe with me that I will not lose any support as a result of this change. I am trusting that this change will actually open the door for more people to join us in reaching the Nations in London!

If you have any questions for me – please email me ;o)

Lots of love


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