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February 2014

Hello from cold and wet Florida! I never thought I would say that!..To have to dress exactly how I dress in London in winter is not my idea of fun in Florida.

I am praying that the thermometer will rise over the next few days so I can top up my Vitamin D levels and break out my shorts and flip flops!

I am here in Florida until the 17th of February to see my family as well as building relationships with new people and visiting and thanking all of the people who have faithfully prayed for and supported me financially in 2013. Without all of you, I wouldn’t be able to reach the nations in the heart of London. I hope and pray that you know that you have had a part in every life that has been touched and changed by God as you continue to support me to do ministry in London.

Leading up to my time here in Florida, I knew that I would be facing some faith challenges. Back in August of last year I preached a message called Markers of Faith, where we sometimes need to look back at the moments (Markers) in our lives where we have experienced the wonderful things God has done in and through us to encourage and stir us up as we face new faith challenges. As I prepared to come to Florida I did that very thing – I stirred myself up. I recalled an emailed that I had received shortly after preaching that sermon that encouraged me so much! I’d like to also share the email with you to show you how your support is making a difference:

“Dear Traci, I didn't get a chance to see you for the last two Sundays. I wanted to thank you first of all, for being one of the most - if not - THE MOST instrumental people that God has worked through in leading Melissa to Jesus. God knows it wasn't my efforts or influence which led Mel to her salvation. I believe if it was my influence and effort, it would have put Mel in an uncomfortable position to experience who God is. She would have undoubtedly felt pushed. The few times that Mel and I read the Bible together when we were dating, is testament to that!!! So I believe it had to be someone else to journey with her and that's where you came in. The amazing thing is, I didn't even know who you were!!! And now, I'm married to Mel, I thank you for journeying with Mel, because I decided I wouldn't get married to a non-believer. So what I'm trying to say is: "Thank you for playing the MASSIVE role you have, in Mel being a new creation in Jesus Christ and therefore leading Mel into being the amazing wife she is to me because Jesus Christ is her God and King now." You are more than a heart surgeon, you're an eternal life saver. I know Jesus is the only way to eternal life but you know what I mean! Secondly I wanted to thank you for your sermon on 4th August. It has really stuck in mine and Mel's minds! Love Dan” (Attached is a picture of Dan and Mel)

I love what I do!! If you need to stir up your faith to face new challenges – remember what He has done already. Also feel free to listen to my sermon to hear more about what God has done in and through my life and more of Melissa’s story.

Thank you and God Bless.


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