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March 2014

Wow, what a whirlwind this past month has been! I arrived back in London from Florida on the 18th of February and 2 ½ days later I was on my way to take help lead a Worship Workshop in Gent, Belgium. A day and a half later I was catching the Eurostar back to London. And one week later, helping to lead a Victory Weekend. Whew! It’s been a crazy but exciting time.

My time in Florida was wonderful and extremely busy. It was so good to spend time with so many of you and to build some new friendships. Thank you so much to all of you who spoiled me during the 3 weeks that I was there! Thank you so much to Grace Family Church for the opportunities to speak at Beautiful and your Second Saturday Missions moment. Thank you also to Edgewater United Methodist Church for inviting me to speak at your Missions Conference! I had such a wonderful time all of these events and loved meeting everyone.

After arriving back in London, 5 of us headed to our Church plant in Gent Belgium. This amazing congregation already has 2 services on a Sunday and we had the privilege of teaching them on Worship a full day on Saturday as well as leading worship for them.

This past weekend we had our annual Victory Weekend. Thirty Two peopleexperienced Freedom on this weekend! It was a powerful time of teaching on areas where people generally struggle to get victory. I love seeing thetransformation of people’s faces from when they arrive on the weekend and when they leave!

Thank you to everyone for your supportand prayers. Also, welcome and a huge thank you to everyone who joinedmy prayer and support team this past month!



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