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June 2015

Dear Family and Friends

The last two months have been wonderful! I am so grateful to God, Every Nation London and for you to give me the opportunity to take a sabbatical. Today is my second day back at work and I must say I am loving it! I am really excited for this next season.

As I mentioned in my last letter, I had an amazing time with my mum during the first part of my sabbatical and the last few weeks have been a wonderful time of rest, reflection and input gearing me up for the upcoming months. This past week was really special as I joined 185 of our leaders across Europe for our European Leadership Summit in Berlin.

It was a wonderful week of hearing the incredible things God is doing around Europe as well as around the world. God is bringing physical and spiritual walls down in the lives and hearts of the people across these nations. Here is a picture of me standing at a portion of the Berlin wall. What an amazing representation of what can happen when walls come down! I also had the opportunity to help lead worship in one of the sessions which was especially exciting for me since I hadn’t sung in 3 months!

The day after we arrived back from Berlin a group of us took part in a 5 K Colour Run to raise money for the NSPCC (A charity fighting against child abuse). It was a great opportunity to support this charity as well as have fun as a church family.

Please pray for me as I get back into the swing of things. I really sense this being a new season of ministry for me at a greater level. Please pray for protection, wisdom and strength.

Also, could I please ask you to pray over my finances as well? I’m really trusting for increase and praying that as God speaks to people’s hearts that they will be obedient in giving and that they will experience the joy of being part of reaching so many people’s lives as they live and pass through London!

Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support!



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