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February 2016

This year has started with another Salvation! I’m so excited! Last month, I shared with you how a young lady that I have started meeting with became a Christian right before Christmas. She’s doing well and growing in her relationship with God and is now attending our Follow One Course.

This Sunday I received a text from another student I have been walking with saying she just shared the Gospel with her brother and prayed with him to become a Christian! He told her he feels like he has a new life now! She will now begin walking with him as I have walked with her helping him to get established in his relationship with God. Yay!!!

As a church we have really felt like the word OPEN is for us this year. Open to God, and Open to others and believing that many others will open their hearts and lives to our gracious heavenly Father. Look out 2016!

I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in and through us as we are taking hold of this word. We’ve even asked our congregation and our Connect Groups to find a scripture with the word OPEN in it that speaks to them as well as beginning a sermon series in all of our congregations.

I am also praying for myself to be open to all that God has for me in the coming months. I would appreciate your prayers as I will be teaching at our Follow One Course on the 15th of February. I will also be flying to Ukraine from February 20-27th for a Pastor’s Conference with pastors and ministers from our Western and Eastern European churches. I will be doing a short presentation at this conference as well as receiving lots of input for myself. Please pray for me to communicate clearly at both events and above all for me to speak on exactly what God wants me to share.

You are amazing and I so appreciate all that you do for me! The nations are being touched because you are sowing into what God has called me to do here in London. Thank you for investing in me!



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