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May 2016

This past month has brought huge excitement for me! Especially in the last two weeks! The story of my excitement started 19 years ago at the beginning of 1997 where I was getting ready to move to Hong Kong before it went back to China to work with a ministry that was smuggling in Christian materials. Before I left for this trip, I went to a meeting where a lady was ministering and she called me out of the crowd and gave me a prophetic word.

One of the things she said was that I would be going into a country stuffing Bibles underneath my clothes – I did exactly that when I moved to Hong Kong! Another part of the word she gave me was that I would be going into Romania and the former Soviet Union to share Jesus with people. 19 years have passed and I have yet to go to Romania and the former Soviet Union. Two weeks ago, I was stirred to take out that word that I had printed out so many years ago and reread what it said ( I had forgotten the details of it). I wasn’t sure what the significance was at the time. The next day at church, our pastor made an announcement that was fresh off the press! Our Every Nation Churches were organising two mission trips in the next few months – Romania and Moscow (former Soviet Union)!!!!

I cannot tell you how excited I got at that moment! I spoke to our pastors and I am happy to announce that I will be going on both of these missions in the next few months!

The first mission is to Romania from the 16-25 of June. I am teaming up with missionaries from Lviv, Krakow and America. This trip is a scouting trip with an end goal of planting a church in the city of Cluj Napoca. The Lord has opened up doors relationally there, and we are very expectant that this will build momentum in the European region. We hope that by planting a church in Cluj Napoca, we will be able to plant even more churches and send out more missionaries with the end result of many people coming to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour! We will work with Via Church in Cluj and do outreaches mainly to University students through English clubs, the God Test, and some sports outreach.

What is amazing is that I really feel like God has prepared me with this in so many ways but especially because I have been mentoring a Romanian young lady for the past two years!

Please pray for me as I prepare for this trip that is right around the corner. I am catching up with the team who has already been in training for the last two months. Please pray that all of the logistics fall into place especially the finances for both of these two mission trips. If you would like to give specifically towards Romania or Moscow would you please email me so I can tell you how to do this? Because I am joining other teams that are handling the administration for the trips the finances can be designated specifically for these trips in a different way than your normal giving.

I am in Florida now doing my yearly support raising so if you are in American and I haven’t been in touch with you yet please feel free to email me!

Loads of Love


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