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August 2016

This month was a busy one! A lot of graduations take place in July and I had the privilege of going to two of them. One, for my “London” niece, Carolina. (God has given me family wherever He has sent me . ) The second graduation was for one of my housemates – Christilene. I am so proud of both of these beautiful ladies.

It was also a month of catching up and getting back into the swing of things. After being away in America and then in Romania, I came back to help our Connect Group season come to an end. Our leaders are amazing and I have been so blessed by seeing how our groups have become family to each other. I also finished Part 3 of our Follow Course that has made such an impact on our Congregation.

Mid-July, I had a sense that I should go on our Youth Camp. I love the Holy Spirit! The day after I decided to go on Youth Camp, the Youth Pastor’s husband went into hospital with pneumonia . I’m not thankful that he got sick but thankful that HE knew and prepared my heart to go and take up some of the weight so our Youth Pastor could focus on getting her

husband better.

Right before Camp my other housemate (Dina) and I were blessed with a short weekend to the south of England – It was stunning and much needed before 4 nights of sleeping in a tent!

The Youth Camp was INCREDIBLE! It was called The Forgiven Games and focused on God’s love and forgiveness throughout the week. We had 37 teens from all walks of life and in different places spiritually. Some Christian and some not. My prayer for camp is always to see them come at least one step closer to God and this camp definitely

succeeded in that! We were amazed by the transformation of many of them and really saw the power of prayer in action.

Thank you so much for your prayers and your financial support. You have no idea how much you are helping me and reaching others! Please pray for others to join our team!

Loads of Love


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