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February & March 2017

The past month and a half has been so full of God’s love, power, faithfulness, forgiveness, transformation – I could go on and on!

At the end of January I headed to Tampa, Florida to visit family and friends who have been so wonderful in walking with me for so many years as a missionary. Thank you so much to all of you who have been so faithful for your giving and your prayers! I also want to welcome those of you who have recently joined me in reaching the nations as I serve here in London!

I was in Tampa for 2 weeks and then headed up to northern Georgia to visit my parents for a few days where I was also able to reconnect with my first ‘adopted’ family in the Lord! When I first went to be a missionary in Guatemala in 1990 the Lord gave me Luis, Melonie and their children as family. It was so good to catch up after so many years and talk about the amazing things God has done and still continues to do in our lives.

As soon as I arrived back in London, I hit the ground running. We had 3 people in our church who were eager to be baptised. Which is always exciting! What you can’t tell in these photos is that it was around 50F/10C outside and the water was FREEZING! I loved it and would do it every day if I could! Especially seeing two of our teens wanting to take this step.

This past weekend we also had our Every Nation Campus European Conference here in London. The theme was Unashamed and we had students come from 10 different nations around Europe. We probably had around 20 nations represented because many of the students come from different

countries that they actually study in. I also had the privilege

of being one of the speakers and ministering to the ladies about letting go of shame. God did such an incredible work in and through all of us on the weekend. We are beginning to hear testimonies so watch this space in my next letter!

Thank you again for all of your prayers! You are a part of everything that I am involved in here in Europe.

Could I please ask you to pray for health for our staff? There is a flu virus going around and we have really been battling physically

and also spiritually against this. I would also appreciate prayer for more people to join my prayer and financial team to reach the nations and generations here in London. You are amazing!

Lots of love,


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