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April 2017

The daffodils have come and gone and now tulips are in full swing here in London so Spring must be here right? The sun has been making short appearances and we have had a few warmish days but the cold weather is still hanging on. I’ve been brave and not worn a scarf or warm jacket a few times and have regretted it later. I still have hope though that constant warm weather is around the corner!

Even though the weather hasn’t changed much, we have been seeing change in people’s lives this past month! Angelina, whom I have mentioned a few times in past letters was unable to find a job to stay in the country so she had to return to Malaysia. The night before she left though, a room full of us gathered in her flat and squeezed into her bathroom to see her get baptised! I loved this evening because it was her public declaration that she belongs to Christ and it was very important for her to do it as she was returning to her Hindu family who still does not know she is Christian. We are all trusting that God will give her favour and opportunities to share her faith at home. I also loved the evening because after looking at the picture of those that came to celebrate her baptism, I realised that out of 12 people, we were from 9 different countries!

The next day was our annual Freedom Day. We had 20 people from our 3 different congregations come together for a day of teaching and ministry to experience breakthrough and freedom in their lives.

Over the past few weeks I have also had the opportunity to teach a session on our Follow One Course on understanding that repentance from sin and dead works, and putting your trust fully in God, are steps that take you home to the Father’s gracious embrace and full restoration. I also taught at our Follow Two Course on fruitfulness and how we as we remain in Him, God has purposed that our lives will be fruitful.

Thank you so much for your prayers covering myself and our staff on health issues. We have all been feeling so much better! Your prayers and support are much needed and so appreciated!

Lots of love,


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