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May 2017

I can’t believe another month has already flown by this year! We are still waiting on warm weather here in London. If you are where there is warm weather please send it this way!

This past month has been full of activities and I’ve loved seeing God working in and through people’s lives in so many ways. We had 22 people go through our New Decisions Course. It’s incredible to see how they come in to the course and the transformation that takes place over 5 days through God’s Healing and restoration in knowing who we are in Him.

A group of our ladies also joined 11,000 women from 48 different countries at Hillsong’s Colour Conference this past week! It’s always an encouraging time for us as women to join together in worship as well as hearing dynamic speakers speaking truth.

One thing I also started doing this month was meeting up differently with our small group leaders. I’ve started monthly online huddles with the ladies and I have another pastor doing online huddles with our men. With many people having families and travel in London taking up quite a bit of time, we needed to find an easier way to meet up. These online meetings make it so much easier! Please pray for us as we lead these meetings encouraging and investing into our leaders as they lead so many in our congregation.

This week our staff is heading to Krakow, Poland for our Every Nation Europe Leaders Conference. I love this conference because it is not only an incredible time of input for us as leaders but also because seeing, connecting and praying with our other Every Nation Churches across Europe is powerful! I’m also looking forward to being part of the worship team while we are there!

Please pray for me as I travel this week and also as I begin to prepare for future speaking engagements in the near future. You are amazing and I so appreciate all of your love, prayers and support!

Lots of love,


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