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June 2017

Summer has finally arrived (sort of) in London! This past Sunday at church I actually saw many people with sunburns and suntans just from being outside the day before. I have really missed the sun, can you tell?

Over the years people have always been

surprised when they find out how old I

am. I always joke that I stay young by

hanging out with young people. I know

I joke about it, but I do believe that it is

partly true! This past month I have been

enjoying the presence of some amazing

young adults!

When I came back from Poland last

month, we had 3 twenty-somethings

come to stay with us from America. All

3 of them have a passion to reach

students and two of them specifically

work on a campus in Nashville. People

across the world are beginning to have their hearts stirred up for Europe and these 3 young adults flew to Poland and London to pray and scout out the land for what God has in store for their futures.

I have also been meeting up individually with all of our students to pray with them about what is next after they graduate or for next year’s studies as well as personal things. I am always so amazed at how God is transforming so many of their lives!

This month we also have a new addition to our house. Esty, who is 18 years old and from Ukraine, has come to volunteer for 2 months at our church. She has just finished

her first year at university in Lithuania and loves Jesus!

She is bringing life and new ideas to our house and to our

staff and I look forward to seeing what God is going to do

in and through her this month.

Thank you so much for praying for London and for me during this intense time. I’m sure that many of you have seen the events that have happened over the last few months as well as the elections that have created a lot of turmoil.

Your continual prayers and support financially are such an incredible blessing! You are reaching so many generations and nations!

Lots of love,


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