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July 2017

Our theme this year at our church here in London is ‘GO!’ And this past month has definitely been a month of ‘Going’ and equipping others to ‘Go!’

At the end of June I headed off to preach at our Every Nation Church in Gent (Belgium). The last time I preached there was about 5 years ago and what a blessing it was to see how much it has grown and what God is doing

there! I had a wonderful time encouraging

them that God is Faithful always! Sometimes

we need to look back at the Markers of Faith in our lives and remind ourselves of what He has done so we can be encouraged that He can and will do it again!

After the evening service I went back for a

quick nap before I jumped in a car at 2:15am

with 3 twenty-some-things to drive 13 hours

down to Marseille (France) for our Annual

Campus Leaders Boot Camp! This is a 5 day

Boot Camp to equip Camps Ministers and

Campus Leaders from our Every Nation

Churches across Western and Eastern Europe to be more effective on sharing Jesus and mentoring students on their campus.

I don’t have a group photo of everyone who

attended yet but I did have the privilege of

doing two sessions with them. The first was

a session that I am quite passionate about -

Practical Mentoring Tips. Sometimes we share Jesus with someone and they show interest in wanting to learn more but it’s what we do after that point that can sometimes make everything

go downhill. I loved teaching this session and

sharing things that I have learned over the past

27 years – things that worked and things that didn’t!

The second session I spoke on was

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. Our churches have really benefited over the past few years by becoming more emotionally healthy as well as spiritually. Our students and student leaders have definitely been helped by being more

physically, emotionally and spiritually

healthy! I would highly recommend the books and courses by Pete and Geri Scazzero.

This coming Sunday I will be preaching in our Slough Congregation and on Monday teaching the final session in our Follow Two Course!

Thank you so much for your prayers and giving! As I ‘Go!’ you are ‘Going’ with me to reach and touch so many people for Christ!

One final thing – HERE is the video from our Unashamed Campus Weekend back in March!

Lots of love,


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