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September 2017

Happy September!

The past 3 weeks have been a huge highlight for me. Over the past 27 years as a missionary

I have gone back to Florida once a year to see family and friends and to raise my support. I

normally go back at the beginning of the year

because it is more cost effective with flights etc. This means that in all of these years I have

missed my mum’s birthday at the end of August.

Last year, I decided that since 2017 was going

to be a big birthday for my mum that I would

save up and surprise her. I also spoke to my

sisters and the 3 of us managed to fly in at the

same time and drive up to my parents place in


We arrived in the middle of the night and our

dad let us in quietly without waking our mum up and a few hours later he woke her up saying

that there were 3 bears outside! (This was

believable because they live in the mountains

and they’ve seen one before.) She came out on

the balcony and we yelled surprise!

It was the first time the 3 of us girls and our

parents were together without other family

members since we were teenagers. Our mum was so blessed and loved having us there!

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to spend time with some of our amazing students who study in different Universities across London. These are just a few of our students and in this small group we represent 6 Nations!

I’m also excited because our Connect Groups launched again this weekend. I’m so excited because 18 groups are starting up! God is so Good!

More to come next month on Groups, Campus and Missions.

Please pray for me as I go to Norway next week to encourage Campus Leaders and Students as well as speaking to a group of 30 non-Christian students on leadership. I’m really trusting that my time there will be an encouragement to the team there as well as helping to grow seeds that have already been planted.

Lots of Love


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