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November 2017

Warning – this is a bit of a long one but there was so much to share from this past month!


If you ever attend a service at an Every Nation Church, you will most likely hear them mention students at one point or another in their services. Reaching students is a huge part of who we are. Most people choose a faith

during their student years and it’s the students on campus now all across the world, who will one day be our world leaders!

October in Europe is usually the time when

most Universities have an influx of thousands

upon thousands of students from all over the world start their academic years. Imperial College ranked in the top 10 of

Universities in 2017, is one of the Campuses

that we focus on in London.

This past month the campus welcomed students from all over the world as you can see on their steps. We had a stall at on their Freshers Day and used many tools to engage with Christian and non-Christian students including poster board questions, the God

Test and a 30 second Survey. And what’s exciting is that we have seen both Christian and non-christian students coming to church and getting involved in our events! We are trusting for student salvations this year and deepening relationships with God.

As many of you know, doing missions trips is also a huge passion of mine! I loved being part of team and not only watching lives change in the city where we are ministering but also the lives of the team members being changed! I also love being able to encourage the churches we are supporting and coming alongside during the time we are there.

This trip was no different and God certainly did not disappoint! Our team consisted of Americans, a Romanian and Ukrainians. We had Ten Days to help our church in Lviv, Ukraine to launch their Campus Ministry. Our goal was to start English Clubs on one of the local Universities to build relationships with the students to where our Ukrainian team could then continue walking with them and introduce many of them to a relationship with Christ.

There was such HUGE favour on the campus with the director that he even went around to the

classes and encouraged the students to join the clubs. We did God Tests and passed out flyers inviting students to the clubs.

Over 50 students arrived on the first day and we were able to divide the classes into Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. For 5 nights students came for 3 hours an evening to learn vocabulary, have discussions around a Bible story and play games!

In the Beginners class we had students from different classes and universities all tell us that it was common all through school and university to be told that they were stupid, terrible and the worst students ever. Coming to

our clubs they were overwhelmed by our acceptance, encouragement and approval of each of them! Most of our team were able to share our testimonies during the week with many of them.


By the end of the mission our goal had been achieved and the campus ministry was launched with an amazing lady named Tanya leading the ministry! Students sent Facebook messages to the team saying that it had been the best week of their lives!

This ministry is at the beginning stages and Tanya needs lots of prayer to keep moment going and to also build a team of young leaders in the church to help her out. Please remember her in your prayers.

On my return to London, I have hit the ground running! I can’t believe that Christmas is around the corner. For those of you living in America – Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you so much for all of your love and support. Please pray for more people to join our team in the coming year.

You are an amazing blessing!

Lots of Love


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