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December 2017

Brrrrr it’s cold here in London! This is where my Florida blood cries out for sun and warmth. I’ve started taking Vitamin D supplements this week to give me a bit of a pick up as I have noticed the lack of sun does make a difference in my energy levels. Here in London we joke about having Summer for only a week or two whereas in Florida you only have a week or two of winter and sometimes just days!

Even though it’s been cold it’s been good! Our church recently did a series called “What Jesus

said about…” and I had the privilege of preaching one of the messages on the topic of “Waiting.” If you would like to hear the message, especially if you are in a waiting period, you can listen HERE. I focussed on 2 questions: Why do we wait? 1. To change us, 2. To learn to trust patiently and 3. To bring glory to God. The second question was: What do we do while we wait? 1. Put your HOPE in Him, 2. Don’t wait alone and 3. Wait expectantly.

December is also full of Christmas parties!

Here are pictures from our staff party and campus party!

This year I have really experienced God’s love, provision, peace and joy and I know that a lot of that has to do with your prayers and support! Thank you so, so much for your faithfulness!

Loads of Love


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