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October/November 2018

I can’t believe a whole month has flown by since my last letter! Where did October go?

When I go back from Sweden at the end of September I literally hit the ground running and it’s only this week that I have come back to a normal routine of things.

The first week in October was Freshers week at Imperial College here in London and it’s where thousands of Freshman students descend onto the campus which is one of the top Universities in the world. We engaged with as many students as we could this week doing the God Test as well as many other activities to build new relationships with students. Here are 2 pictures from that week:

After that week, I spent the next few days catching up from being away in Sweden and then started getting ahead of things before my next trip to Timisoara, Romania!

I left for Timisoara on the 19 October for another Ten Days Mission. Here our team focused on 2 University campuses doing the God Test, building relationships and also having evening meetings to discuss identity and other relevant topics with the students we had connected with. We also connected these students with a local church who will be following them up and also hopefully starting a campus ministry to support students on campus.

Because of your faithfulness, 200 Gospel conversations were had, 3 people were saved, and over 20 students are interested in follow up discussions. If I we did not go, they would not have heard. Thank you for making this possible! Below are some pics from the Ten Days:

As soon as I landed back in London on 29 October I started preparing for our Freedom Day! On 3 November, we had 28 people from our 3 congregations come for a day retreat to experience teaching and ministry in Freedom from various areas in their lives. I love these days because people walk away as different people! Here’s a picture of me teaching:

The day after, I preached in 2 of our congregations on our Prodigal Love series specifically talking about the robe the father

gave his son. I love the word “Quick!” he uses. He left no room for doubt that his son was accepted. God’s grace does not put us on probation – His grace puts us in His Salvation.

To end the exciting nonstop month off, I had the incredible privilege of being on our London Student Weekend Away. After Freshers in October, we have had a wonderful time building relationships with new students as well as those who have been around for a while. This weekend was a special time of going deeper in their walk with God and each other.

It’s been an amazing month and I hope that you realise how many people you have had part in touching and how many countries and cities will be affected by it! Thank you so, so much for all of your love and support – this wouldn’t happen without you!

Lots of Love


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