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April 2020

Dear family and friends,

As many have you have already heard or realised, my trip to America was cancelled due to the Coronavirus. This annual trip has always given me an opportunity to see family and friends as well as being able to thank the many people who are supporting me in finances and prayer throughout the year. It has also given me a chance to meet new people and build new relationships with people who could also join our team to reach the nations in London.

I am sad not to see everyone this year and in the midst of everything that is going on with the virus I am not only trusting and praying for my own provision but also for the provision of so many of you who have lost your jobs or are struggling in this time of uncertainty. The one thing I am hanging onto and that I am certain of is that this virus is not a surprise to God. He is still the God who heals, provides and brings comfort and peace. He is also still the God of miracles!

Even in the middle of everything that is going on we are hearing about people getting saved – especially hospital staff! Also, people who normally who would be isolated are connecting with people online for the first time. God is moving in the midst of the storm.

In my last letter, I mentioned that I had the privilege of speaking on Breaking Free from Destructive Patterns at our European Student Conference. We have had such good feedback from the conference and I wanted to share with you one testimony from a student that you had a part in by praying and supporting me – “during the Breaking Free workshop, I felt like God has set me free from the destructive pattern of lust that was in my family from at least 3 generations. I had to fight this thing before with my prayers and my small group prayers, but during the conference I felt Freedom.”

I also mentioned in my last letter that I was going to be celebrating my 50th Birthday. It’s definitely a birthday I won’t forget because of this virus! What was amazing is that as our world was going into isolation, 4 of my closest friends and I went into isolation in the countryside. They spoiled and blessed me loads all week.

Here are a few pictures from that week that I hope will bring a smile to your face like they did for me.

Lots of Love


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