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June 2020

Dear Family and Friends

The month of May has been a difficult month

for me. Even though we have had amazing weather and the flowers have been bursting open showing new life, we have experienced loss in our church family. One of our nurses who had been a part of our church for over 15 years died quickly from Covid-19. Jennie had worked hard and proud for the NHS for almost 20 years and was a leader on our Kids Team. She was so in love with Jesus and everyone who met her knew it! Today was her online funeral and not being able to celebrate her life together with her family in our “traditional way” is another thing this virus has taken away from us. I am celebrating that she is with Jesus though and that she leaves a legacy behind her of so many who have been touched by her love of her Saviour!

We have over 100 healthcare workers in our church and many of them have not only seen more death over the last few months than in their whole careers – they have also

lost colleagues to this Virus. As a church, we are doing everything we can to support

them through this time as they process everything they have had to work through and also to help them to process through the trauma and grief of so much loss.

This past month, I have been visiting some of our Connect Groups mainly made up of nurses, as you can see in the pictures here.

It's been an honour to encourage and pray with them and I have been so blessed by their passion and strength.

As I said, it’s been a hard month, but even though this virus has stopped us from doing so many things, it has opened so many opportunities for new things to happen.

We are still seeing people attending our online services that would have never walked through the doors of our buildings. We are also seeing double and triple the amount of people attending our courses that would have never been able to attend because of the distance and their work schedule. Disciples are being made and this we rejoice in!

In the next few months, we are trusting for opportunities to do even more new things online that will reach every age and every nation in our communities.

Please pray for me and for our church to have wisdom on how to walk with and care for those in our congregations and to anyone we are reaching online. Thank you so much for praying for me and your continual financial support. You have a part in everything that God does through me!

Loads of Love


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