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September 2020

Dear Family and Friends

Wow, can you believe we are already in September? August flew by so fast! August was a big month for us because we launched our first ever Online Youth Camp! Because of Covid restrictions, we are still unable to meet together but our teens were still keen to have camp.

Our Youth Leaders worked hard to organise everything and train all the volunteer leaders on how to lead online. The week finally arrived and we had 41 teens and 23 leaders for 4 days of online camp! As you know – I love being a part of youth camp.

Here are a few pictures of my amazing small group that I met with throughout the week.

Even though we were online, the teens participated in games, as well as deep discussions on faith and the challenges they are facing in their schools and personal lives. On the last evening of camp our main speaker spoke on God’s grace and mercy and what Jesus did for us on the cross. At the end of his talk he asked the teens different questions about committing their lives to Jesus whether it was the first time, re-commitment or just to go even deeper in their relationship with Him. We asked them to put their responses in the zoom chat if they wanted to and we were overwhelmed by their responses!

In my last Newsletter I mentioned that Dina’s dad (who I call Tio) was not doing well and the doctors thought that he might pass away. Dina flew to Madeira last month to be with him and two weeks ago I also flew to Madeira to help her. Thank you so much for all of your prayers! He has made an incredible recovery and has now been out of hospital and is doing so well that Dina and I will be heading back to London on Wednesday.

Even though I have been in Madeira I have still been working and gearing up for our new season of Connect Groups to start. We have 29 groups starting this term. Out of those groups 7 of them actually started during lockdown! As lockdown slowly eases up, we are trusting that we will continue to see an increase in people not only joining groups but also more salvations and a deepening in their relationships with God.

Thank you so much for all that you do!

Loads of Love


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