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April 2022

Dear Family and Friends

Thank you so much for your continual prayers and support. This past month has been full on in so many ways and I have truly felt your prayers getting me through.

I also wanted to say thank you for praying for Wolfi. Please continue praying for him. He needs a miracle. He has had 3 rounds of immunotherapy so far and the treatment has caused many side effects especially severe nausea that has ended him up in hospital a few times.

I have been quite busy this last month. I have begun mentoring two more of our teens hoping to help them grow in their relationship with God. Now, I am mentoring Hannah, Miriam, Venice and Gloria. Please pray that these young ladies have a real revelation of who Jesus is in their lives and begin to desire to seek a relationship with Him.

I am also overseeing our Connect Groups at church and in the process of restructuring a few things and hoping to see more groups start up in the next few months. Getting more people into groups and seeing them grow in relationship with each other and with God is one of our main desires.

Our Follow Courses are now meeting in person after 2 years of meeting online! I taught my first course in person a few weeks ago on our Follow Two Course. What a difference it makes seeing people face to face!

I also had the privilege of preaching in our Engage Series this past Sunday on the Message of the Gospel.

I have some exciting news coming up – I will be heading out on a mission to Lisbon at the end of the 23rd of this month! This church plant started in the middle of Covid so this will be the first mission onto the campuses. I’m looking forward to sharing everything God does over these 8 days in next month’s letter. Please be praying for us to make some good connections with students on the university campuses and that we are an encouragement to the couple who are planting this church. We are trusting God to do some amazing things and to see fruit to come out this mission.

Lastly, I will be doing a long overdue trip to Tampa and north Georgia in May! I’m so looking forward to seeing so many of you that I haven’t seen in a few years. For those who are stateside but not in Tampa or Georgia, I will at least be more on your time zone so let’s please make a time to speak on Zoom.

I would love to connect with all of you at some point so please email me when you are free so we can make a plan. I will be in Tampa from 10-23 of May and north Georgia from 24-31 May.

For those living in London who I have not seen in a while – let’s also make a plan! Please contact me to make a date to meet up.

Thank you again for all that you do!

Loads of Love



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