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April Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends

I hope April has started off well for you. Today has been a beautiful day here praise God. We have had so much rain and the weather has still been cool. I’m so ready for Spring and warmer weather! It’s trying to come but for those of us who live in the UK, we know that it’s not a guarantee until April is over.

Last month I mentioned our European ENC Conference in Berlin. HERE is a recap video from that weekend.

I also preached part 3 of our “WE” series that we have been doing in Slough entitled “We Love Well”. You can watch the sermon here:

March was a month of big change for me as I moved into a house with a friend from church. After not having a housemate for a few years it’s been an adjustment for both my housemate and I to get used to each other, but it is going well. It’s also been lifechanging being so close to a train station and town centre because where I lived before, I needed to walk 30 minutes to get to anything.

I’ve also been working hard with our mission team getting ready for our Mission to Thessaloniki (Greece) at the end of this month as well as starting to prepare for a mission to Bucharest that I will lead at the end of this year.

Our mission to Thessaloniki is from 29 April – 6 May but I will be staying on until 12 May to do follow up with any students that we are able to connect with. I will then be flying back to the UK, repacking and then heading to America for my annual support raising time to say thank you to friends and family as well as trying to gain new support.

If you are near Tampa and want to meet up please email me to set up a time. Please don’t wait until I am there. I will only be there from 15 – 29 May. If you are in Georgia, I will be there from 30 May – 8 June.

Finally, I want to ask you for prayer not only for

my upcoming schedule but also for someone who is very dear to me. Over the last 19 years here in the UK, you have either read or heard me talk about the Portuguese family here that has “adopted” me as one of their own. One of those family members is Teri who I call “Mana” which is a term in Portuguese that you use when speaking to an older sister. Mana is and has been an amazing big sister to me these last 19 years! This past month she has been diagnosed with cancer in her lungs and in her leg. The doctors say there is no cure and will begin treating her with chemo next week as a preventative. BUT we are believing for a MIRACLE and we know that God can do the impossible. Would you join us in prayer for this miracle? Would you also pray that her husband and 2 daughters will give their lives to Jesus in the midst of all of this?

Please continue to pray for my schedule for the next few months:

16 April – Preaching in Slough

29 April – 12 May – Mission to Thessaloniki

15 May – 10 June – Raising Support in America

25 – 30 June – Speaking at our Student Leaders Camp in Marseille

31 July – 6 August – Youth Camp

Thank you so much for all you are doing to reach the nations in Europe. You have a part in impacting so many people with the gospel!

Loads of Love



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