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August/September 2021

Dear Family and Friends

My newsletter is coming to you late this month because I have been in the middle of moving so this letter will cover two months. I moved most of my things into a friend’s house in Slough to keep for me until my moving date and Dina and I moved out of our old flat at the end of July. I stayed with her for a few nights on a blow-up mattress – not fun. From there, I went with a few suitcases to a family’s house in Slough where I stayed for a few nights and then went to Youth Camp for 2 ½ days! After camp, I came back to the family’s house until I finally moved into my flat this past Wednesday 11, August.

I’m sitting here in my kitchen a week later, still surrounded by most of my boxes finally having the opportunity to write you because my WIFI was installed today! There were a few issues when I moved in with areas of mould that have now been treated and this week, I have started the process of painting the flat. The old tenants did a terrible paint job and I have asked permission to repaint with a better colour. Hopefully by next week, I will be able to put furniture in and unpack the rest of my things.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers! God has provided amazing people to help me through this whole process and I know He will continue to provide everything I need to make my new place an incredible home for this next season!

Right before the moving process began, I was able to preach online for our Cyprus church plant - specifically speaking to singles. Here is a picture of our Zoom meeting.

I then continued to train for Youth Camp with this year’s theme being Activate. This year’s camp was very different because we were only allowed to have 30 teens on each camp because of Covid restrictions so we made the camp only 2 ½ days instead of 5 to where we could have 2 camps back to back with our older teens on the first camp and younger ones on the second camp. I was a leader and speaker for the first camp – speaking on Wake Up – salvation is here. Here is a picture of that evening and as you can see, we still had to keep the teens one meter apart in the meeting room. Both camps were amazing, and we saw incredible ministry times and new relationships with God and with each other!

This past Sunday, I also preached again in Slough at one of our picnic services on Letting Go and Leaving Behind. You can watch the sermon here on YouTube –

Again, thank you so much for all of your prayers. These past few months have been quite tiring and emotional in so many ways and I know that it is your love and support that has been helping so much!

In the coming weeks I am looking forward to getting settled in my new flat, getting into a good routine of working and living in Slough and taking a week of much needed holiday at the end of this month!

Loads of love



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