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February Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends

2023 has started with lots of expectation on what God is going to do this year. As I mentioned in my last newsletter we started the year off with a week of prayer and fasting, and this year’s theme was Miracles – Make His Name known. Every Nation Churches all over the world joined together, following the same devotional, trusting God to do signs and wonders. For me personally, I have been sleeping better than I have in years! This is a true answer to prayer.

Also, after the week of prayer and fasting we started a sermon series on the same topic of Miracles covering 7 miracles that the Apostle John mentions in his gospel. I had the privilege of preaching twice in January on Jesus Turning Water into Wine and Jesus Walking on Water. Click on the sermons if you would like to listen.

As many of you know, Discipleship is a passion of mine. I will do anything I can to encourage people to take one step closer to God and to also get them to pass on what they have learned. In January, I organised a day for anyone who wanted to hear how to do just that in our Slough congregation. Here is a picture of that day.

The first half of this year is already very full and I would appreciate your prayers as I continue to do regular discipleship meetings with teens and adults here in the UK as well as meeting and discipling women leaders across Europe.

As the cost of living is continuing to rise, I have made the decision to move out of my one-bedroom flat into a house with a housemate. It also makes more sense because I am travelling a lot more. I will be moving out on 11 March so I would appreciate prayer for the cost of moving and that I am able to get everything done in the middle of all of my ministry responsibilities.

Please pray for my schedule for the next few months:

3-5 March – Speaking at our ENC Europe Weekend in Berlin

11 March - Moving houses

18 March – Thessaloniki Mission Training

26 March – Preaching in Slough

29 March – Teaching The Follow 2 Course

16 April – Preaching in Slough

29 April – 12 May – Mission to Thessaloniki

15 May – 10 June – Raising Support in America

25 – 30 June – Speaking at our Student Leaders Camp in Marseille

This is just the first half of the year! There are more events filling up the last half of the year including Youth Camps, Conference in South Africa and a mission to Romania and more.

Thank you so much for all you are doing to reach the nations in Europe. You have a part in impacting so many people with the gospel!

Loads of Love



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