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January 2021

Dear Family and Friends

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, these last two months have been the first time I have spent holidays with my family in over 15 years!

Over Christmas, my younger sister, her kids and their families surprised us by coming up to Georgia for Christmas. It was a full house and we had an unexpected white Christmas which forced everyone to stay overnight. Every room, sofa, and blow-up mattress was full!

It gave me a chance to finally meet my beautiful great niece who is almost a year old now! Here are just a few pictures from our time with a few people missing.

I was also able to spend a few hours with my "Guatemalan Family” who happened to also be gathering here in northern Georgia.

It was such a blessing to be able to spend this time with my family but I also recognise that 2020 has been a year where so many people have lost loved ones around the world due to Covid and other reasons. I am still grieving for the ones that I know who have passed away this year and I am praying for their families that God would comfort them and bring them peace during this season.

2021 will be the start of a new season of ministry for me as I begin working with our Every Nation Slough Congregation. I am excited about new building new relationships with people and seeing what God is going to do.

There is a lot of unknown in this new year as we continue to see what will happen with Covid – BUT one thing I am sure of is that GOD IS GOOD AND HE IS FAITHFUL!

I am praying for you and so thankful for you! I pray that even in the midst of uncertainty that you experience Him in an incredible way in this New Year!

Lots of love



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