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July Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends

I can’t believe it is already the second week in July.  I returned from our Campus Leaders' Camp last Sunday after an incredible week with our campus leaders (missionaries who have raised their support to work fulltime with university students), volunteer leaders, and student leaders.

As I mentioned in my last letter, these leaders come from our Every Nation Churches from all over Europe for a week of input, encouragement, relationship building and fun.  There were 40 of us in total representing 11 cities across Europe – London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, (United Kingdom) Paris, Marseille, (France), Berlin, (Germany), Dublin, (Ireland), Gent, (Belgium), Madrid (Spain), Utrecht, (Netherlands), and Zagreb (Croatia). 

It was our best camp yet!  Before the pandemic hit in 2020 we were running 2 tracks on this camp for 1st and 2nd year students.  This year after starting from scratch a few years ago, we had 2 full tracks again!  It was so encouraging to see these young leaders without restraint, entering into worship, taking in all of the teaching materials, receiving ministry for breakthrough and freedom, and having fun.  Most of them had never met each other before the camp but by the end, they had become family.

One of the most encouraging things we heard throughout the camp was what is my next step in leadership and how do you know when you are called into ministry?!  They are eager to finish their studies but they are also to so hungry to know God’s plans for their futures and what that looks like – wherever that is.

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers for this camp.  It was truly a highlight to my year so far!  There will probably be a recap video coming soon but for now here are a few pictures.  A few people are missing from the group picture unfortunately.

Over the next few weeks Maija and I will be looking for a place to live.  Please continue praying for both of our finances for this move and the perfect place.

Also, please continue to pray for a miracle for Wolfi.  The last few weeks have been very rough.

Lots of love



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