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June 2021

Dear Family and Friends

I am continuously blessed by being able to reach the nations here in London! Thank you so much for your faithfulness in praying and supporting me in doing what I do. This is your fruit!

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending another wedding for some of my spiritual children! I mentored Razel throughout her college and university years, which is where Ruffy came into the picture. Razel is now working for our church here in London in our Kids and Youth Department and she and Ruffy also mentor many of our teens.

That same weekend I preached my first sermon in our Slough congregation on What Jesus said about Grief. If you have experienced loss of loved one, a dream, or a big change or trauma of any kind, I hope this sermon will encourage you to embrace grief and allow God to bring you comfort.

This past Saturday I also had the opportunity to speak to some of our Female Campus Missionaries who are

serving in countries across Europe – Ireland, Northern Ireland, Germany, Armenia, France and England. My talk was on facing our realities and embracing grief to be able to go forward in the transitions and changes coming up in this next season.

Thank you again for all that you do!

Lots of love,



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