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March 2021

Dear Family and Friends

The month of February was a month of beginning new routines for me. Our Covid restrictions have continued - which I know that for those of us who live in the UK – we are so over it! In the midst of the restrictions though, I have started going into our church office once a week to try to tackle a bunch of administration that needs to be done to make our ministry more effective. This means being back on public transportation which has been a huge adjustment for me since I have not really travelled on a bus or tube since last March. Thankfully because so many people are still working from home, the hour plus journey each way has not been packed with people.

I’ve also started many new monthly meetings with our leadership team, Connect Group Leaders and our youth. On the youth front, I will be helping to build up our youth in the older age group. That starts this month so prayers appreciated!

One event that I was especially excited about being involved in this past month was sharing with the ladies at our outreach group in Cyprus. I love what God is doing there as Cypriots, Greeks, and other nations are being reached already in this small group.

I love that what I get to do here in the UK not only is being involved in a local church, but also I get to minister to people in Europe and beyond on a regular basis. You are a part of everything I do through your prayers and support and I am so grateful for you!

Lots of love,



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