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May Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends

Hello from Thessaloniki, Greece. I’m on week 2 of our ground-breaking Campus mission here. I will tell you more about the mission but first this is what has happened over the past month:

I preached part 5 of our “WE” series that we have been doing in Slough entitled “We Pass It On”. You can watch the sermon HERE.

We had our UK, Ireland and Iceland Staff Retreat. Our staff (most of whom are missionaries like myself), gathered in the city of Manchester to not only get input and build relationships but we also took advantage of being in a city where we don’t have a church YET and went onto the University campuses to pray and do a bit of outreach to scout out the land!

I’ve continued to work on our Bucharest mission coming up at the end of October as well as continuing to work with our youth team here in Slough and getting ready for our annual Summer Youth Camp.

Our mission to Thessaloniki started on 29 April and ended on 6 May but I will be here until 12 May to do follow up with any students that we have been able to connect with. Our international team consisted of 20 people who are based in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Ukraine. We spent the week using 3 different tools to survey students on mental health and their belief in God. Each conversation could last anywhere between 3 minutes to an hour! In total we had around 177 conversations with students, had 44 follow up contacts and 24 students responded to the gospel.

This trip has been a ground-breaking trip to discover student life, culture and beliefs in Thessaloniki and we believe that it is just the first of it’s kind and we are trusting for a church plant here in the near future.

Here are a few pictures from the trip of our team, some of our events and a few students we connected with.

On Friday I will be flying back to the UK, repacking and then heading to America for my annual support raising time to say thank you to friends and family as well as trying to gain new support.

If you are near Tampa and haven’t contacted me yet for a day to meet up, please email me to set up a time as soon as possible. Please don’t wait until I am there. I will only be there from 15 – 29 May. If you are in Georgia, I will be there from 30 May – 8 June.

I also want to say thank you for continuing to pray for Teri (Mana) who I mentioned in my last letter. She has now had 2 chemo sessions and even though it’s been rough she is doing okay. Please continue to pray for a miracle healing and that her husband and 2 daughters will give their lives to Jesus in the midst of all of this.

Please continue to pray for my schedule for the next few months:

15 May – 10 June – Raising Support in America

25 – 30 June – Speaking at our Student Leaders Camp in Marseille

31 July – 6 August – Youth Camp

Thank you so much for all you are doing to reach the nations in Europe. You have a part in impacting so many people with the gospel!

Loads of Love



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