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December 2014

I don’t know about you but for me - November was filled with things to be thankful for!

Our European Student Weekend Away took place with students from 8 different churches around Europe, representing 17 countries!. Our theme this Year was Made Brave – to Change the Campus and to Change the World! It was a power-packed, God-focussed weekend full of encouraging teaching, prophetic ministry, worship, loads of food and lots of fun! Please watch our recap video from the weekend HERE and be blessed.

Two of my biggest highlights this past month have been going through our

One2One booklet with two new Christians. We use this booklet to help

new believers take “baby steps” in their new-found relationship with God by

taking them through the foundations of Christianity. One is an 18 year old who

came from a very rough background. I loved sitting with her this past week

telling her the story of Moses! We were talking about baptism and the Red Sea came up and I asked her if she knew who Moses was and she said no. It was so exciting telling her the story of how God took people who were captive and set them free and how this was an example of what Jesus did for us. I love it!

I’ve also started walking with a beautiful Romanian fitness trainer and body builder! She is a powerhouse to say the least! I love her passion to do what is right and eagerness to learn. We have just started meeting up but I am already so looking forward to seeing what God is going to do in and through her.

Last month when I sent out my letter I mentioned that I had started reading the book The Circle Maker. I have started dreaming and praying! It’s been amazing as well because without people even knowing, I have been receiving words from people in person and by email that have been encouraging me in those prayers. One of my prayers has been about my finances increasing and the same week I started praying I received notice from two people that they were increasing their support! I want to encourage you to start dreaming and praying audacious prayers and believe God for answers. He is Faithful!!

Thank you so much believing in me and the call on my life. You are reaching people in London and across the world as a result of your prayers and support. Lots of Love


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