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July 2016

The month of June was probably the most emotional month I have had in while. I am sitting here trying to think of how to tell you about everything that has happened and in my heart I have so much to say but as I think of words on how to say it – I am at a loss….

The most impacting time of the past month was the Ten Days Mission to Cluj, Romania. Upon my arrival I met the American team members for the first time in person. What I didn’t know or expect was for these 9 new people to quickly become a part of my extended family around the world!

In all my years of doing short term missions, I have never experienced such unity and love like we had on this trip. That love and unity was key as we were all in new territory and really didn’t know what to expect as we set out to share the gospel with students through the God Test and English clubs. Over the course of our mission, we spoke to loads of students each day and had the privilege of praying with many for their exams and most exciting - salvation for 10 of them!

This trip was also a time to build new relationships with people in the city of Cluj. We connected with people from different churches and also had the opportunity to meet Maria’s family. Maria, is a Romanian student studying here in London. Her cry and prayer for her nation is the reason this trip came about. Six of us from the team were so blessed to spend the day with her and her family. The day was filled with talking, crying, talking and more crying and ended with a powerful prayer time. It was so emotional because her family was so touched by this whole team coming from different places around the world (Ukraine, Poland, United Kingdom and America), to share Jesus with their country. I was especially loved on by them because I am part of the church that has taken their daughter in as family here in London and we have helped her in her walk with God. Her family was overwhelmed by the fact that God had listened to their daughter’s cry and sent all of us to encourage and touch the city of Cluj.

I don’t know what God is going to do in the future in Cluj but I really feel like our time there was significant and I look forward to seeing what God’s plans are for the future.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and for your financial support! You are reaching the nations in so many ways!!!

Here are a few pictures of our team as well as others from the City of Cluj who came to help us on our mission. Maria is with me in the middle!

Loads of Love


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