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September 2014

Have you ever needed Grace? Or what if I ask the question – have you ever been caught doing something bad? Speeding, cheating on an exam, stealing something, lying, etc.? What if you were caught doing the thing you know you are doing wrong now?? You would need GRACE!

We all have needed Grace and we have a mighty Saviour who came and took upon our punishment so that we could experience it in abundance! He also demonstrated to us how we should give Grace.

This past month I preached Part 2 of our Encounter Series – The Adulteress: Radical Grace.

To watch and listen to the sermon click HERE.

Next week I will be in Austria for an Inner Healing Seminar. We are seeing more and more broken people coming into our church and I am trusting as I am trained on this course that I will be able to minister more effectively to those coming through our churches.

Please continue praying for me. I’ve been so excited at the ministry opportunities God has been giving me but I do need your covering in prayer for health, strength, wisdom and provision.

Last week, I had the privilege of spending time with a couple and their children for a few days. This couple’s marriage 3 years ago was basically over but since then God has been at work and I can tell you that this past week I saw in person the Grace and restoration of Jesus in full operation.

You have a part in that! Thank you for loving me, believing in the call on my life and supporting me through prayer and finances!

Lots of Love


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