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March Newsletter!

Dear Family and Friends


Hello from sunny Florida! I am on my second week of support raising and seeing family and friends to say thank you for making it possible for me to do what I do in Europe.  Unfortunately, a few days before I arrived, my cousin passed away suddenly, so I went straight into being with family and a funeral.  The loss of someone you love is always difficult, but I am grateful for how my family came together to celebrate her life. She loved God and was passionate about making Him known to the world around her.   

Our ENC European Conference took place in London the weekend before I arrived.  We had almost 200 delegates from 16 nations across Europe join us for the weekend.  These delegates were a combination of students, student leaders, campus missionaries and church leaders.  Some of the students were non-Christian, new believers and mature believers.

Our theme this year was Trustworthiness.  HERE is a recap video of the weekend.

I was the main speaker on the Saturday morning speaking on Trustworthiness – You and your Community.  You can listen to the session HERE.

After the weekend, all of our campus missionaries who have specifically raised their support to work with students across Europe met together for 2 days for input and planning for this next year.  This is a photo of some of those missionaries and church leaders representing the 16 nations that attended the weekend.

I am in Florida one more week before travelling to the next state to raise my support.  Thank you so much for all that you are doing for me!  Please continue to pray for God’s protection, favour and provision for the rest of my time here in America.  I am here until 2 April and will then head back to London to prepare for a Scout to two cities in Italy.  I will also be looking for a new place to live in London. Prayer is appreciated for both of these!

Lots of Love



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