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February Newsletter!

Dear Family and Friends


I hope that you had an amazing January and have started the year off with high expectations of what God is going to do this year.  As I mentioned in my last letter, I have lots of new things coming up in 2024 so my hope and faith is high in God’s provision for everything thing that is to come!


Now that I have transitioned to working fully for Every Nation Europe, I am needing to move back to London where our main hub is.  I moved outside of London when I was working with our Slough congregation for the past few years, but the cost of travel is extremely expensive travelling into London now.  I have put in my notice at the flat where I am living now, and I will be putting all of my things into storage at the end of this month.


I am speaking at our ENC Europe Conference at the beginning of March and the day after I will fly to America for my yearly support raising visit with friends and family.  I will be there for the month of March and then fly back to London and stay with a friend in April whilst I look for a new place to live.  Please pray that God provides the right place to live and the finances I need to move and get settled in a new place.


During the month of February, I will be teaching at our Follow 2 Course, preaching in Slough, preparing to preach at our ENC Europe Conference in London and also making preparations for an Italy Scout that I will be leading in April. I would appreciate your prayers for all of these events.  I need God’s wisdom and discernment to say and do everything I need to for every event.


Oh and I have a praise report!  2 of the students that we connected with on our Bucharest mission last year that have been attending the small group, recently became Christians!! Please continue to pray for fruit from this group and that the leaders would know how to walk with each of them on this journey.


Lastly, if you are in Florida or Georgia and would like to meet up when I am there in March, please email me with a date and time.  I am in Florida from March 7-21st and in Georgia from March 25 – 31st.  Please don’t wait to make a time when I am there because all of the dates might get filled.  Also, if you have anyone or a small group that you would like me to meet, please let me know.  I am trusting for more financial partners on this trip, and I would appreciate your help in meeting new people.


For those of you in other states, please let’s set up a zoom call since I will be closer to your time zones that month.


And for my UK and Europe friends, I’d love to meet up in person or do a zoom call with you as well this month or a later time if you are available.


Thank you SO much for your continual prayers!  Prayers and financial partnership are helping me to do what God has called me to do and you have a part in every person and nation that I minister to. 


Lots of Love,




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