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December 2023

Dear Family and Friends

I can’t believe we are already in December!  So much has happened over the last few weeks.

In my last newsletter I gave you feedback on the mission I led to Bucharest Romania.  Our team had just left, and I had one more week to stay behind and help with follow up and to also lead a Wednesday night discussion.  Usually a second event is the most difficult to get students to come to even if you have had a good first event.

I am so happy to report that 6 students showed up, some Christian and some non-Christian.  We had such an incredible meeting that now 4 weeks later the Bucharest team on the ground has had an average of 6 students every Wednesday since then!  This is a picture of that second meeting where I spoke on Identity.

Please continue to pray for all of these students as they explore Christianity and grow to know who Jesus is and how He loves them and wants to change their lives.  Please also pray for our team on the ground there to have wisdom on how to walk with them.

When I arrived back from Bucharest, I started preparing for a 5-day ministry trip to Dublin, Ireland.  Our church there is going strong, and I was invited to meet and encourage church leaders, preach on Sunday morning, teach a session on discipleship, and a session on small group leading.  I also had the opportunity to meet with Aoife who is our ENC European Campus (University) Director and spend time with her.  Part of my new job role in Europe is to work with her and help to pastor our Campus (University) Missionaries across Europe as well as being involved in our Europe Campus Events.

I am now back in London working with our Missions Team on plans for next year. Watch this space for scouts and missions to new European cities in 2024!

Tomorrow I am going to my second test for asthma.  Thank you so much for praying for my health!  I have started going to a new doctor and they have been treating me so well!  I have had breathing problems since I had Covid in January of 2022 and I have never been tested for asthma until now.  This doctor booked me in for a test on my first visit!  My breathing has improved drastically over the past year, and I know it’s been a result of your prayers.  Getting tested though, will be helpful in having the right inhalers if I need them instead of having to go to the doctor every time I am struggling.

Thank you also for your faithfulness in my financial support for this year.  I am still trusting for more financial monthly partners so please agree with me that more people would join us in reaching the nations!  If you know of someone who might be interested but needs more information – please let me know.

Lots of Love,



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