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February 2015

I’m so excited about 2015! In my last letter I mentioned that I really felt like the words that God had given me for the year were “New Things.”

This past month, I have already had the opportunity to go to Austria to spend a week with our other Every Nation European Leaders to get some amazing input on Grace. The many sessions were filled with great truths as well as giving us input on how to reflect God’s Grace in every aspect of our lives and church. It was also a wonderful opportunity to spend time with some of our champion church planters such as Mel and Tanja Calingo who lead our Every Nation Church in Madrid, Spain.

Another New Thing that I am super excited about is that since November of 2013, I have been going through the process of becoming approved by the IRS as a Ministry. I have been official with the State from the start but the process with the IRS is a long one with many steps. You actually have to operate as a ministry and then prove to them that you are doing all the correct things before the official approval. This past week after 15 months, I have received my official letter!! Thank you to everyone who has been standing in prayer with me on this.

This coming weekend one of my favourite annual church events is coming up – Victory Weekend! Over the years many of you have heard me talk about these weekends. They have been a significant part for Christians in their journey towards freedom and victory over sin. There are 12 sessions on the weekend and this year I will be teaching on Victory over Addictions and The Call the make Disciples. Please pray for everyone coming on this weekend.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers! Wow, are they moving mountains! Your prayers and support are helping us as a team to reach the nations in so many ways for Christ!

Loads of Blessings!

Traci Watson

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