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September 2015

September is always an exciting month for us here at Every Nation London. Just like Autumn always comes at this time of the year, we also start a new season of our Connect Groups and The Follow Course. We start a new sermon series, students go back to school and some of our young people are heading off to University in other cities. On top of all of that, the venue we normally meet in has been going through renovations for the past month so we are also hoping to go back into an upgraded venue in the next few weeks!

Change is all around us! Now, if you are like me, you like routine and change isn’t always fun. God changes though, are always exciting. Knowing what changes need to be made or what routines need to be kept is key to living in the plans and purposes of God.

At this time of the year we like to take time to set ourselves apart to seek God through prayer and fasting. It’s an amazing way to make sure that your ears, eyes and heart are open to hearing God’s voice for what’s to come. It’s also a powerful time of getting together to pray with each other and to speak an overflow of life into what God has not only called us to do personally but as a church.

I know that many people have a special time of prayer and fasting at the beginning of each year but I want to encourage you that if you haven’t stopped in a while to ask and listen to God about His plans and purposes for you – take some time this month to say “Here I am Lord, your servant is listening” 1 Samuel 3:10

I keep this picture as my screen saver on my phone to remind me to stop and listen to God throughout my day. It takes me back to the day I took the picture in Austria where this scene just shouted the awesomeness of God! You couldn’t do anything but stand still and listen.

I will be teaching at our Follow One Course this month. The sessions will establish the vital and life-changing foundations for a relationship with God the Father, and the way home He has made in Jesus Christ. To move from lost to found; from sinner to son to heir! Prayers appreciated! I would also appreciate your prayers as I oversee our Connect Groups starting up next week.

Thank you so much for continuing to stand with and cover me in prayer regarding my finances, health, and ministry! You are a reaching the nations and every generation in London!



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