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October 2015

Last month I promised some pictures! This past month has been filled with lots of excitement. Our students have started classes again at University so I have also started meeting up with them again for mentorship as they also lead Connect Groups for other students. The first picture on the top left is of some of our Filipino students. I mentor the 3 in the middle and they mentor the 2 on the outside of them as well as others in their group!

The top right picture is of me preaching in our Stratford Congregation on Living a Lifestyle of Worship. You can listen HERE for the sermon.

The left bottom picture is of me teaching Part 4 of our Follow One Course. This course has made such an impact on so many in our congregation as we have re-visited the story of the Prodigal Son and foundations for a relationship with God the Father, and the way home He has made for you in Jesus Christ. Move from lost to found; from sinner to son to heir!

And finally, the right bottom picture is something I am especially excited about because it is the beginning of our new 18-23 year old Connect Group for young adults who are now currently working instead of studying. I am mentoring their leader Shardelle, who is on the left side. She is 19 years old and has been radically saved and changed by a relationship with Jesus!

You and your prayers have been such an encouragement to me this past month! Thank you so much for partnering with me in reaching the Nations and Generations of this world in this AMAZING City!

Loads of Love


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