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March 2017

As I sit down to write this letter I have the old hymn Great is thy Faithfulness coming to mind. The last 3 months have truly reflected His Faithfulness, His mercies every morning, strength for each day and hope for tomorrow!

The last 2 days of 2017 and the first few days of 2018 were filled with unexpected financial blessings that had me overwhelmed and asking God - “What are you preparing me for?!”

Within the next few weeks I would know the answer to this question as I was awakened to texts and phone calls telling me that my stepfather had a stroke. From one day to the next I was flying to America to be with my parents and praying that all would be well. Those unexpected financial blessings covered my flights and rental car!

While my mum was visiting family in Florida, she tried calling my stepdad all day with no answer. She was finally able to get a neighbour to drive through snow and ice to find him. The miracle, which we later found out, is that he had probably had the stroke 24 hours earlier. It was a miracle he was still alive and did not have worse complications!

Three weeks of being in the hospital and one

major surgery on his left carotid artery, my mum and I were able to bring him home! On

the outside he looks perfect! His right arm and hand still need therapy but his memory has been the most effected in problem solving and remembering how to use a computer, etc. Everyday though, he is making progress! He also had another surgery on his right carotid artery and will possibly need more surgeries in the future.

After helping my parents get settled at home for a week with a new way of doing life, I flew back to London to catch up on work as well as prepare for our European Every Nation Campus Conference! Our Conference this year was in Krakow, Poland with over 140 leaders and students from campuses across Europe.

Our theme this year was Kingdom Come!

We were excited to take 11 students from

London and I had the privilege of speaking on The King's Kingdom - Jesus Lord of all.

It was incredible to see the nations come together and be impacted by the teaching and ministry on this weekend. We are still hearing testimonies on how their lives have been touched!

I will be sending more updates from the

conference in my next letter.

Thank you so much for your prayer covering and your financial faithfulness. I could NOT do what I do here without you partnering with me on God’s call to reach the nations!

Loads of Love


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