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June 2018

Wow has time flown by! This last month has been full of visiting people, lots of travelling, incredible messages and a big dose of spiritual family.

Most of all though, it has been a time of experiencing the incredible blessings of my Heavenly Father!

In May, I headed to Florida for my annual time of seeing family and friends to thank them for the incredible gift that they (YOU) are to me. Your love, prayers and support to stand with me in reaching the nations for Jesus is overwhelming. I cannot thank you enough for believing in the call on my life and to partner with me in reaching so many around the world. I really hope that you understand and know that every time I do ministry with someone or I teach or preach somewhere – that you know you are doing it as well. It was so amazing to see so many of you and for those I didn’t see, I hope we can catch up soon in some way.

After Florida I drove up to see my parents in Georgia. Many of you have asked about stepdad. He is doing so well! He has almost fully recovered but he is still experiencing some symptoms but they are due to another issue we discovered right after the stroke. He goes in for another surgery on the 27th of June to remove his parathyroid gland which should clear up all of his symptoms. Please continue to pray for him for a full recovery.

I flew back to London on the 1st of June and repacked and headed to Lviv, Ukraine for our Eastern European Build Conference on the 5th! I love Ukraine and it was so good to see people from our Ukrainian and Polish churches but also those who couldn’t attend the conference in London who joined us from Spain, France, Austria and Italy. It’s an incredible feeling when you are worshipping God and you are hearing so many people singing in different languages praises to God. Just a glimpse of what heaven is going to be like!

Coming up in the next few weeks we will be having our Connect Group Leaders (small groups) training. I oversee the Connect Groups in our church that meet weekly across London. Please pray that this is an impacting evening for our leaders.

Then at the beginning of July I head to Marseille, France where I have the privilege of being one of the speakers imparting to our University Campus Leaders from all across Europe. This is a week of equipping for them as they lead their campus ministries.

And finally, my housemates and I are moving! We made the decision a few months ago to move houses due the fact that our house is pretty much falling apart. We have been in this house for 9 years and we have had a really good deal in rent, etc. We found a new house but unfortunately prices are much higher than we were paying before. We move at the end of July so I would really appreciate your prayers in provision for everything that is involved in moving as well as the increase in all of our bills.

Thank you again for EVERYTHING!

Loads of Love


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