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July 2018

I am loving Summer! We are having a heat wave in London at the moment and most people who are from England feel like they are dying and praying for the cool weather again but I am secretly praying it will last at least another month!

This past month

has been busy but so good. At the end of June we had a Connect Group

Leaders Training. I

oversee the small

groups in our church and we have 21 groups meeting across London on a weekly basis that

are community/ family to each other. They are a

mixture of mum's, men’s, ladies, and student groups that are focused on growing in their relationship with Christ as well as being an open door to the lost.

Then at the beginning of July I headed to Marseille with one of our campus ministers and 5 of our student leaders to our annual ENC Student Leaders Camp. We had 37 student leaders and campus workers from 9 European nations join us for a week of training and a bit of fun! I had the privilege of teaching 3 sessions during the week. One was my favourite – Practical Discipleship tips, as well as Small Group training and a session on Faith, Obedience and Trust – Not a Normal Life (Hebrews 11).

Below are some photos from the week:

Finally, thank you so much for your prayers this past month. You have no idea how much they have helped. I have had to not only speak at our Connect Leaders meeting and 3 times in Marseille but I have also taught twice at our Follow Course this past month, so your prayers have helped me so much in all of my preparation. Remember, everything I do – you have a part in it. You are touching people’s lives in so many different places!

My housemates and I move this next week, so please pray for our move and everything involved.

You are an amazing blessing!

Lots of Love


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