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August 2018

I am continuing to love Summer here in London. One of my favourite things about Summer is our Youth Camp. This year the theme was Truth & Dare as we took 32 teens from all different backgrounds away for a week to share the Truth of Jesus and put forth a few Dares to believe in Him and to share Him with others.

I haven’t been able to come on camp

the last two years so I was especially

excited to co-lead a group of our

younger boys and to also be the final

speaker on the week.

Every day was filled with activities of fun and games as well as a teaching

session and special group times. Each

day was like a puzzle piece building a picture of who Jesus is and what He has done and who He has created them to be.

On the final day of camp, our desire was to see the teens actually have a heartfelt response to everything we had shared on camp. I had the privilege of speaking the last message and when I said my closing prayer and said Amen I think all of our leaders were blown away by the response!


I had “dared” the teens before I prayed that if any of them wanted to have prayer to become a Christian, to rededicate their lives or if they wanted boldness to share the Gospel - to come up for prayer when I said Amen. Almost all of them immediately got out of their seats and went forward for prayer! We had salvations, re-dedications and prayer for boldness! God is so good!

Needless to say, it was an amazing camp!

Also, exciting this month, was our moving house after being in the same in place for 9 years. Christilene, has moved into a studio flat and Dina and I have moved into a flat about 10 minutes away from her. It’s been a big adjustment for the 3 of us and we are still settling in but we all felt like this was God’s timing and that it is a new season.

Thank you for praying for camp and for our move! I have needed it and have felt your prayers. Please continue praying for me. I am speaking at a Women’s Conference on 1 September and I will be heading to Sweden for a Ten Days Campus Mission on 14 September!

Lots of Love


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