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April 2019


This past month has been an interesting one. After my return from our European Campus Conference in Poland, I started feeling unwell. I thought it was a normal cold and pushed through with the usual medications but unfortunately nothing seemed to help and I became worse. I ended up with a chest infection and signed off of work from the doctor. If you know me, sitting around doing nothing is very hard for me!

Unfortunately, there is not much to report as I spent a lot of time home resting and recuperating. I am feeling 100% now and back into the swing of things! Thank you as always for praying for me.

One major highlight though, is that I am now officially a British Citizen! Just in case you are

wondering, I can have both a US and UK passport. Because I travel so much, having a UK passport will allow my travelling in and out of the UK so much easier.

Coming up, we have a New Decisions Course, where we have 24 people coming from all over

Europe to attend. I love this course because it

has been so key in helping people break free from cycles in their lives due to past experiences.

You have no idea how much I appreciate all of your prayers and support. Thank you for believing in the call on my life and for praying for me as I serve the nations here in London.

Lots of Love


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