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June 2019


Yay! It is finally feeling a bit like summer here in London. I know that for those of you who live here like I do, you are probably enjoying the long awaited top up of Vitamin D as I am. My Florida blood could still do with it being about 10 degrees hotter but I will take what I can get ha ha.

This past month I had the privilege of preaching at our Stratford Congregation in East London. There was a powerful time of ministry at the end - Thank you Holy Spirit! - and on my way home I got news that one of the men who had been in the service gave his life to the Lord! God is good!

We also started Follow One, Two and Three this month with 40 people attending classes. I have taught in each of them this term and it’s so exciting to see ages 15 to 50 across the classes! Also, to see people growing at every stage in their walk and going deeper into a relationship with Christ.

I had an opportunity to take a short Holiday to Lisbon this month as well. I was in need of rest and sun, and took the time to go to a new place where I know that Every Nation will be doing a church plant hopefully in the next year or so. I love new places and took this time to not only relax but also to walk around the city and pray for future breakthrough to reach students

on the Universities. I came across this quote on one of the Campus signs that says “What we don’t know today, we will know tomorrow.” I got excited when I read this because I said YES! You might not know who Jesus is now BUT you will know Him in the near future!

On my last day in Lisbon I also got to have lunch with the young couple who will be planting the church. We had a wonderful time dreaming about what God can do in Lisbon and a powerful time of prayer. It was so good to be able to pray and encourage them as they walk out this new adventure.

Finally, I will be going to America for the month of July to do my annual support raising as well as attending our Every Nation World Conference.

If you are in Florida and would like to meet up between the dates of July2-13 please let me

know as soon as possible.

Thank you for all of your prayers and continuous support to reach the nations!

Lots of Love


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