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August 2019


I hope that you have been enjoying the Summer as much as I have. I had an amazing 2 weeks in Tampa raising support and visiting friends and family. I then went to Orlando for a week to join over 5000 people from our Every Nation Churches around the world for our World Conference. It was an incredible time to hear what God is doing all around the world as well as catching up with other missionaries I haven’t seen in a long time. It was a week of being encouraged and encouraging others! Here’s a recap video to show you more about the week:

You can also watch more of the conference HERE to listen to everything we experienced during the week.

After Orlando, I traveled to Georgia for a relaxing week of holiday with my parents.

Downtime was exactly what I needed because when I landed back in London we were in full moving mode with our church office as well as packing for Youth Camp.

By the time Youth Camp started I had adjusted back to London time zones and dove straight into Camp with over 40 teens from different walks of life across London. It was full on fun activities, devotional, talk and ministry times and loads of laughter! Highlights for us as leaders was seeing how some of our teens met other teens for the first time who had learning difficulties and loved and cared for them all throughout camp and to see those teens so go from having high anxiety at the beginning of camp to feeling so relaxed and like family by the final day! The best highlight of all though, was seeing one teen go from being quite anti God and confrontational at the beginning of the week to accepting Jesus as his Lord and Saviour on the final night! Here’s a short recap video of the week:

And our group picture!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and blessings each month!



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